Introducing Athina Prompt Management: A Powerful and Flexible Prompt Playground and CMS

Introducing Athina Prompt Management: A Powerful and Flexible Prompt Playground and CMS
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f you're still managing prompts as strings in code, then this is for you!
We just published some MAJOR upgrades to prompt management on Athina - Athina is now the most powerful and flexible prompt management platform on the market.
Here's what's new 👇

Version Control

You can now "commit" new versions of a prompt - in our UI, or through our API. (Docs)
You can also view all past versions of a prompt, and easily change your "default version".
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Write Prompt Once, Run with ANY Model

Edit prompts in the UI, and run them with ANY model without changing the prompt.
(Yes, even custom models)
And of course, you can also run these prompts programmatically - all you have to do is pass the prompt name, and any input variables.

Evaluations in Prompt Playground

You can also now run evaluations directly in the prompt playground.
Here's a demo video showing what that looks like.

Multi-Prompt Playground

You can also try running multiple prompts or models simultaneously and compare the results side-by-side. See a demo video.
This isn't limited to 2 variables, you can have as many rows and columns as you want!
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Run Prompts as Dynamic Columns on a Dataset

You can even import a saved prompt to generate responses for an entire dataset with dynamic columns.
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Folders, Favorites, and Emojis!

Of course, no prompt management is complete without the delight features. And when you're dealing with dozens of prompts, a good organization system makes a world of difference.
Which is why we now allow you to:
  • Mark prompts as Favorites: This pins the prompt on top of the sidebar making it easier to find.
  • Add emojis as prompt icons to easily tell them apart in the sidebar!
  • Add prompts to folders so that you can group them in a logical manner.
See a demo video.
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Complete Access via API

You can manage your prompts ENTIRELY through our API.
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This means you can create, delete, duplicate prompts, commit versions, set the default version, and run prompts on any model entirely through Athina API, making Athina an incredibly powerful and flexible prompt CMS.
See the documentation.
P.S - did I mention the entire Athina platform can be completely self-hosted so you don't have to worry about sending your data to an external provider?
Give it a try - sign up at

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Written by

Shiv Sakhuja
Shiv Sakhuja

Co-founder, Athina AI